Who is ACG?

Since our roots in the late 90’s in consulting, managing global market entries and cross-border M&A, we’ve evolved to be an investment banking advisory and asset management firm with hundreds of millions of dollars under management.

Our Mission

  1. To be the exclusive nexus for high-net-worth individuals and qualified institutional investors seeking to invest in real assets internationally.
  2. To be a global financial bridge, allowing people to move capital freely to wherever it is going to create the most value and generate the greatest impact.

Our Purpose

ACG’s purpose is to add tangible and quantifiable value to our clientele and serve their unique needs. Investments can be complex and requires weaving through layers of bureaucracy, professional networks, and regulatory hurdles. Our broad goal is to facilitate finance and investment by ensuring strategic and efficient allocation of our clients’ funds.

Our Vision

To become the leading global conduit for cross-border investments into real assets for high-net-worth individuals.

To have our brand resonate internationally with investors who seek placements of capital into private assets globally.

Our Core Values

We strive for excellence and perfection at every step. While we are committed to growth as a company, we realize that it can only be attainable by having a formidable track record and strong relationships with all stakeholders—clients, intermediaries, asset sellers, and brokers. These core values are critical to achieving this. They permeate throughout every fiber of the ACG fabric.

  • We will uphold the highest degree of expertise and service
  • We will offer unwavering attention to detail
  • We will be timely and prompt
  • We will uphold the highest ethical standards
  • We are trustworthy
  • We are selective

Our Background

A part of the Aginsky Group of Companies, the primary purpose of Aginsky Capital Group is assisting individuals and companies with investment in the U.S. market. Our expertise spans commercial real estate, private equity, and small to medium size businesses. We are experienced in the EB-5 application process, venture capital, and structured debt.

Our A to Z service suite allows us to build a deep understanding of your goals and investment needs. We can provide expert advisory services on company formation and structuring, transactions and brokerage services, and legal and tax concerns and take a rigorous approach to investment decision-making.

We help our clients to identify the best investment assets, conduct due diligence, negotiations on their behalf, assist in international fund transfers, and post-acquisition asset management. Meeting your unique objectives is the definition of our investment philosophy.

Alexander Aginsky

Alexander Aginsky

Alex Aginsky is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and seasoned executive with decades of experience in FinTech, alternative asset investment structures, commercial real estate, and cross-border M&A. Mr. Aginsky always has multiple ventures under his management at any one time, the last of which was a unique commercial real estate crowdfunding platform. He has previously managed a complex commercial real estate portfolio of assets for global investors including the development of two major hotels.

Prior to that, Mr. Aginsky advised high-profile private companies in the U.S. and abroad concerning multi-million dollar debt and equity financing, mergers and acquisitions, new market entries and other cross-border business transactions. Mr. Aginsky holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and is a graduate of the OPM Program at Harvard Business School.

ACG Advisory Board

Jay Zollinger

Mr. Zollinger is a practical, business minded lawyer who leverages legal skills honed over years of law practice at the highest levels to help his clients…

Roger Gale

Currently Mr. Gale is Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Sedia Biosciences Corporation and Director of Starnorth Enterprises…

Adam Matar

Adam Matar is the co-founder of Inception Property Group, a holding company and award-winning real estate developer…

Roman Milakin

Mr. Milakin has spent most of his early career in Russia’s natural resource sector, working for over a decade for one of Russia’s leading metallurgical…

Nitin Khanna

Mr. Khanna has been CEO of MergerTech since 2009. Prior to becoming CEO of MergerTech, Mr. Khanna was the founder, Chairman and CEO of Saber Software…

Travis Pearson

Travis Pearson is President & CEO of The DPI Group, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2021. Under his leadership, DPI Group has expanded…

How Can We Help

Reach out, and in just a few minutes we can get to know each other. Tell us about your goals and needs. Aginsky Capital works with clients where there is an opportunity to align investment objectives.

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