Roman Milakin


Mr. Milakin has spent most of his early career in Russia’s natural resource sector, working for over a decade for one of Russia’s leading metallurgical mining company, one of the largest in the world, Norilsk Nickel (LSE: MNOD). Mr. Milakin oversaw all of the company’s import operations internationally before leaving the company to embark on his entrepreneurial pursuits, which included ventures in high tech startups, sports and entertainment, and commercial real estate investments.

Mr. Milakin has since amassed global commercial real estate portfolio that spans from Europe to North America and has been an avid investor in both existing and new development projects from New York to California. He has continued to make venture investments into various in e-commerce, travel, and real estate related startups.

Mr. Milakin graduated from Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation, one of the leading universities in Russia, with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in finance. He later earned a PhD from the same institution. Mr. Milakin is continuing his educational persuits at Harvard Business School.