Over the past decade ACG has been involved in dozens of transactions in various capacities—be that as an advisor, manager, investor, or even principal. Here is a sampling of just a few of these that are indicative of the types of deals that we do as a company.

Department of Human Services

Real Estate Acquisition

Department of Human Services Building in Oregon

The Department of Human Services of Oregon was the primary tenant at the property and is a government organization that provides benefits and services for children, families in need, older adults and people with disabilities.​ ACG acquired the building in late 2011 for $4M in an all cash deal and sold it 6 years later. The building generated an above market rate of return during the holding period. ACG participated as the broker of record, asset manager, property manager, and one of the principals.


Business Exit

BuildingBits Holdings

The company was originally incubated by ACG in 2016 with seed capital provided by the Principals. It was later spun out on its own as the first of its kind commercial real estate investment platform with approval from the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which made it possible for any retail investor to select a building on the site and invest as little as a few hundred dollars into it, becoming a part owner of that building and receiving recurring income and participating in the appreciation. It was officially launched in 2018 and was sold to a public REIT 2 years later (2020).
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Startup Investment

The Yard at Montavilla: Food Cart Pod

ACG recognized a change in consumer behavior resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, which built on the popularity of the food cart pod concept in Portland, and made a lead platform investment into the development of this Food Cart Pod in Portland, Oregon early in 2021. This first location is slated to open in May/June of 2021. The company already has four other food cart pod locations in the works all over the US West Coast, with the intent of building a food cart brand nationally.

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Atlas Facilities Maintenance

Corporate Merger & ACQUISITION

Atlas Facilities Maintenance, Inc

In May of 2013, ACG together with other investors acquired two Pacific NW facilities maintenance companies, which were later merged and rebranded in 2014 as Atlas Facilities Maintenance, Inc. ACG has held on to this investment until today as the company has continued to expand into other markets and related services, while continuing to remain profitable in spite of the global pandemic. ACG still serves as the principal shareholder and sole manager of the company. The company is today poised for explosive growth and is once again undertaking new acquisitions to capture additional market share.
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Staybridge Suites

Real Estate Development

Staybridge Inn Suites, Hillsboro, OR

In the end of 2015, when presented with a unique opportunity to get into commercial real estate development, ACG made a bet on the local hospitality market with an investment made into two hotel development projects in Hillsboro, home to such global giants as Nike and Intel corporations. The two four star hotels (with 80 rooms each) opened their doors five years later, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and outperformed most of the local competition. Both of the hotels are slated for a portfolio sale by 2022.
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UEI College

Real Estate Acquisition

UEI College in California

UEI is a 35-year private accredited education institution offering career-focused vocational and trade school educational programs with dozens of campuses nationwide. When an opportunity was presented to own one of their campuses right in downtown Anaheim, CA, just minutes away from Disneyland, ACG put in the winning bid and acquired the property in early 2015 for $6 million in an all cash deal and sold it in 2019 for nearly $8 million, generating a very healthy return for our investors. ACG participated as the broker of record, asset manager, property manager, and one of the Principals.

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